The products of JSC “Gumos technologijos” belong to two groups of rubber recycling technologies and related services:
    1. Production of rubber crumbs from End of Life Tires (ELT) using reactive-gas atmosphere.
    2. Mechanochemical devulcanization, fractionation and activation of granulated rubber and tire buffings.
    For clients, who plan to install any of these technologies, JSC “Gumos technologijos” evaluates possible technological approaches, suggests processing equipment, consults during the setup of necessary lines and units, provides field service for the achievement of planned manufacturing capabilities, assists in commercialization of devulcanized products and provides a number of other knowhow-related services.
Those interested in devulcanization of buffings, ELT or industrial waste in order to utilize them in formulating rubber compounds, can benefit from “Gumos technologijos” knowhow in additives, vulcanization regimes and physical-mechanical properties.  “Gumos technologijos” can custom-manufacture and supply RRP and RRM for large scale field tests of rubber formulations with devulcanized materials up to 5 tons / month by using its existing pilot lines.


Additional services:

  • Pilot manufacture of mechanochemically devulcanized, fractionated and activated rubber products from ground tires, industrial waste or tread buffings in the existing pilot line (up to 5 tons per month);
  • Scale-up of mechanochemical devulcanization of tire buffings through subcontracting of manufacture (up to 1000 tons per month)
  • Engineering supervision and field service of mechanochemical devulcanization;
  • Development of physico-chemically assisted separation of rubber from specific waste sources (ELT, conveyor belts, industrial waste, etc.);
  • Formulation of rubber compounds using large amount of devulcanized material, such as RRP (Reclaim Rubber Powder) or RRM (Reclaim Rubber Material).