Acoustic Sheets


Sound isolation in apartment buildings, especially those in the cities is rapidly becoming a pressing matter. With constant increase in surrounding noise levels, acoustic comfort is becoming more and more important part of working and living spaces. In Lithuania, 70% of partitioning walls separating flats that were built in the last decade fail to provide the minimum 55dB sound barrier. Due to this reason, neighbours can not rest peacefully - not only loud music is heard but also quieter conversations.


Noise is not only a problem in residential properties but also in schools, conference centres, business centres, hospitals, sports centres, factories and etc. Currently most common solutions for better sound isolation is thickening of the walls by adding additional, sound suppression materials. Shortfalls of these methods - insufficient sound isolation, difficult installation, high cost of the materials, loss of space due to wall thickening.

Our uniquely constructed sound isolation - Silence World, provides an effective solution to the noise problem. Usage of our product allows quick and inexpensive installation of sound isolation barriers that are significantly thinner and lighter than alternatives, allowing reduction in structural loads and due to its unique acoustic efficiency, ensures that sound barrier targets are met.

Acoustic SW sheets are produced using 10-15mm special rubber mixture glued on 9.5, 12.5 or 15mm plasterboard sheet (SW - 10, SW - 12 or SW - 15). These sheets are installed straight onto existing walls or separations ensuring extra 9-15dB sound isolation.