Joint Stock Company “Gumos technologijos” creates, commercializes and licenses technologies for recycling waste rubber and ELT (End of Life Tires), including field service and consulting.  The company was established in 2006 near Vilnius, Lithuania. After some early attempts in research of cryogenic ELT processing, a fruitful long-term collaboration with the scientists of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) in Vilnius was established in 2009. As the first major success, “Gumos technologijos” developed a process of mechanochemical devulcanization and built a pilot manufacturing line in Vilnius region.

In 2012 most of devulcanization-related equipment, Intellectual Property and knowhow was spun off as JSC “Devulco”.  This company continues to commercialize and license the technology of mechanochemical devulcanization and production of RRP (Reclaim Rubber Powder) and RRM (Reclaim Rubber Material). “Gumos technologijos” has also installed the scaled-up technology for devulcanization of tire buffings at “Rubber Products” S.i.a. in Riga, Latvia. Currently JSC “Gumos technologijos” focuses on development of industrially applicable enhancements for processing waste rubber and ELT, such as microwave, reactive gas atmosphere and other innovative means. 
The main mission of the company is to develop the most cost-effective and competitive technologies for processing waste rubber and ELT.  By focusing on research, development and pilot trials “Gumos Technologijos” stays on the forefront of technological excellence in the field of rubber devulcanization and recycling.